Somnpure - Unauthorized use of Credit Card for Somnapure

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1 comment

I received a FREE bottle of Somnpure which has been promoted on their web site (Parent Company ~ PEAK LIFE) as "A natural sleep aid".I was only to pay shipping and handling and thus I had to provide a credit card.

Once I received my FREE bottle of SOMNAPURE, I took as directed on the bottle.

I took this protuct for several nights but it just did not work for me.Then they sent me another bottle and charged me a total of $74.98 on a credit card that was to be used for shipping my FREE Bottle!

Bad business practice!



I have the same experience with Peak Life where I purchased the "free" bottle for my fiance....while he like the product...we found we could buy it for a fraction of the cost locally. When I tried to cancel...they would not accept that from order to convince him to continue to purchase doubt. I am not at all happy with their business practices.

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